Thursday, November 4, 2010

Makes My Heart Smile 80hat

I often ask myself, will this make me happy? If I wear this, do this, move here, say this, go there, eat this, not eat that, exercise here, sleep more, sleep less, take a risk, stay comfortable,  and I am not sure what the answer is. So I am now in a search of what makes people feel happy, or in other words what makes their little hearts just smile on the inside.
I know there are the general activities in everday life which at least provoke a smile out of my beating heart, but there should be more, or maybe something different? I wouldn't say I am unhappy, or depressed in any sense, but I like challenging myself, and I am sure there is a lot out there I haven't tried or haven't experienced which will make me feel glee. Although that tv show, sure does make my heart smile, or sing rather! Not the point I am getting at, I will now make a concerted effort to figure out what makes your heart smile, and what makes mine smile as well.

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