Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Era Hat Always Develops New Series 80hat

New Era hat is the well-known brand of United States. In addition to the production of the cap of New Era Hats, the most popular is the Major League Baseball (MBL) cap series. As many hip hop stars and film celebrities wear New Era caps, New Era hat jumps out the sports areas and is very popular with people of street culture and sports and leisurers, becoming the latest fashion wear indicator. In Hip-Hop community, the hottest cap is DC Shoes Hats.
It calls the best professional New Era Caps brand which has good quality in the world. Its slogan is "It's not a cap, it's a flag!" Refer to New Era Cap, the most popular one in New York city shoule be the Black Out.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

u make my heart smile 80hat

those days when we were together appear in my mind time aftertime
because they were so joyful happy, belst disappointing,sad and painful.
 I miss you, n miss you  so much

Friday, October 29, 2010

He makes my heart smile...80hat

Thanks for visiting!  Yes, I am a photographer, but I am so much more!  As you can see from my unfinished list in the previous post.

My love for photography began long ago, long, long ago. (Star Trek music playing in the background)  My best friends and I would take pictures everywhere...and of everything!  We had a camera everywhere we went, taking pictures of our food, cars, shoes and each other!  If you can imagine...I have pictures everywhere.  Seriously, everywhere, even the bathroom...hey,I like to keep the people I love close! Is that weird?  I enjoy capturing memories.  I just love that you can actually have a physical copy of a moment in time.  The real funny thing is that I feel all pictures have emotions tied to them.  Whenever you see that picture of you sitting on your Dad's lap, laughing hysterically, doesn't it make you crack up? That same picture may make your Dad smile and probably make his eyes a little wet because his little girl is not so little anymore.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


So Colin is 7 months and 2 days old, ALREADY! How time flies. Now I understand when people say time flies when you have a child. It's not that time just starts doing double speed because you have a child but you are just more alert about the time passing. Before Colin I just lived day by day not knowing time is even passing because there was no physical evidence that showed time passing. But when I see Colin from day to day I can see the value of a 24 hour period. Before I wanted to see where I would be in 10 years but all of that does not matter any more. I just want to savior every minute of every day. When I see Colin there is a feeling like non other and til today I didn't know how to explain that feeling. Friends would ask me how does it feel being a mom and I would just say great. But there is more to it... and my son literally makes my Heart Smile every time I see him. There is no greater feeling than having a child of your own. He makes me want to be a better person and I am grateful for everything he has helped me realized. I am still learning...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Era XC creative project exhibition 80hat

The New Era XC exhibition, featuring customised New Era 59FIFTY caps, will be hitting five cities across Europe over the next couple of months.

The caps were designed by 90 upcoming design graduates such as Dominika Lipniewska, Hayley Merrington and Sergio Cruz Pajuelo as part of a creative project that awarded Craig Green a £10,000 kick starter fund.
To compliment the touring exhibition, New Era will be releasing a limited edition New Era XC collector’s book highlighting images of the 90 works of art with biographies of the gifted graduates, and a snapshot of the brand’s nine decades in fashion, design and sport.
Dates are as follows:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gentleman Nice Hats must peep out eight teeth

The time that it emphasizes then during the period of training that employee smiles the tycoon of the supermarket Wall-Mart company asks employee to obey three meters smile principle, must peep out eight teeth, this is the standard smile.The service principle of Wall-Mart got many approbations that the service industries go toge r.
But this smile hat should be able to reduce many energies for training teacher, only the means is inching”cruel”.
On the hat of spread a feeling machine can respond to wear the facial muscle variety of and the radian of the corner of mouth, if the smile didn’t reach a mark,
Gentleman Nice Hats Reviews Gentleman Nice Hats Blog ,small hammer son of back part of skull will the one who pound to wear- Nice Gentleman Hats carry on reminding.This smile earpiece work principle and”the head hangs beam, the awl stabs” in Chinese ancient times contain different in approach but equally good place.Click to here look into all news pictures to click to here look into all news pictures to click to here look into all news pictures to click to here look into all news pictures to click to here look into all news pictures

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Which can not be nervous smile Hat

Who never smiled the slogan on October 20 from 9 November to deserve line connecting a formation unfortunately I can not manage this formation is not messing so much with reklemına kandım.Ayıptır citizens expressed satisfaction wrong to single stars, but this necessarily the worst case new era hat

Happiness hat for a permanent smile

happiness hat from Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo.
They say that frowning uses less muscles than a smile, and frowning too much might just result in an undesired, sad look on your face permanently if done once too often. Enter the Happiness Hat that ought to change all that, leaving you with a perpetual smile without having to carve one out for you. How is this possible? No, it doesn’t use some sort of laughing gas or anything of the sort, but rely on a traditional Pavlovian-style approach by driving a metal spike into its wearer’s head should he or she make the mistake of frowning. This is made possible by an embedded bend sensor which is attached to the cheek and measures smile size, while a servo motor helps moves a metal spike into the head inversely proportional to the degree of smile. That ought to leave you with a perpetual smile, that’s for sure.
Source: Gearlog